Welcome to Rurality Check. I was barely expecting visitors. Maybe I should’ve made hotdish.

I grew up in a small town in the Midwest, and like a lot of small-town people, I dabble in a lot of things — blog posts can be about politics, sports, or rural life generally. I’m not saying I do any of them well, necessarily, but at least it’s not boring. Overspecialization is for city people.

Also, you won’t find any ads here. That’s on purpose. After all, the only ads back Home are on the new football scoreboard, and maybe on the mugs at the cafe. You’re welcome.

You can get a dose of Rurality on InstaTwitBook, but feel free to follow me on Twitter (@P_A_Jensen), where my friend Dry Humor makes an occasional appearance. Or, you know, you could have a real life. Your choice.

Seriously, thanks for reading. Sometimes we all need a quick Rurality Check.